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I'm Holden Rehg
A Software Developer, Investor, and Hobby Writer
Hey, how's it going? For the last 10 years, I've mainly been working on software out of the middle of the United States. Recently I've stretched into some writing and real estate investing too.

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Mostly incoherent thoughts on software, business, and investing.

A little about me

Taking one step at a time.

I started programming about 10 years ago when in high school. The first website started as a pretty goofy Wordpress blog. It was a better alternative in my head to flipping burgers or working as a cashier. Not too many options for a 16 year old in my town.

Solving problems like that felt good. At least once you get to the solution. So I stuck with it and studied software engineering in school. Every chance, I worked throughout school. Trying to start, and eventually failing at, side projects while working at school IT, remote startup gigs, or summer internships.

All of this led to working at a software firm near my home town in St. Louis, MO, receiving a percentage of the company as part owner and building a new team from scratch focusing on ERP systems for small businesses.

Over 5 five years, we would build up the team to 5 developers, a project manager, and a support team member. The overall revenue of the company quadruple, with roughly half of that coming from the ERP team.

During that time, I also had a few other itches to scratch. I started my own business for consulting, freelancing, and writing. I also started buying rental real estate in my home town.

And that's where we're at today. Spending my time still trying to help businesses with software needs, writing about software, and managing a few small properties. Hoping to help out a few people while also keeping myself happy and entertained.


  • 2010Built my first website and wrote my first line of code.
  • 2012Enrolled in the Software Engineering program at Iowa State University.
  • 2015Became a Partner and lead developer at Blue Stingray software development firm.
  • 2017Started Buster Technologies LLC.
  • 2019Bought my first rental property.