My Books

I wrote my first article back in 2016 without much thought. I had been working on a specific technology for a year or two and wanted to share some tips that I learned. Since then, I've continued to write as much as possible. It's led to over 90k views across Medium and my blog. I've really enjoyed talking to everyone who has reached out about my articles. I feel like I've really been able to help other developers. Recently, I made the jump and started putting together book ideas. This section is where I'm going to put published and upcoming books.

Thinking Like A Programmer

A Beginner's Guide To Problem Solving In Computer Programming

Coming soon in 2022.

I'm writing the book that I wish I had when first starting a computer science program in college or before I started my first professional software development job. There's an endless number of languages, technologies, tools, and methodologies. There's also plenty of books, videos, and articles about any specific language or tool. It's pretty easy to find a "How to Program In Ruby" book or tutorial for example. Finding a book that teaches you the skills to adapt to any software development environment are harder to find.

Over the years, I've learned ways to think about problem solving with code. That way of thinking can be applied to any programming language or stack. I want to teach people who are brand new to programming how to think about approaching programming at a high level. I'll walk through topics like the general ideas behind computing, designing solutions to problems with code, the basic constructs and mechanisms used in nearly every language, and the flow of data throughout programs.

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